Time Out for Teachers and Tutors

School teachers have an incredibly demanding job as they help educate and nurture our wonderful young people. Teachers manage ever increasing class sizes, a variety of talents and behaviours as well as marking, meeting exam targets and other admin duties. School plays, assemblies, fundraisers, trips and meetings with parents all take their toll and add to a busy working day. Guiding, supporting and encouraging children, being creative and inspiring is hard work and with the long hours it is not uncommon for teachers to neglect their health and wellbeing.

Standing on your feet all day or sitting on tiny chairs made for little people, lead to muscle tension and fatigue. Twisting awkwardly, bending down and slouching add to tension in back, neck and legs. These areas are particularly prone to a build-up of tension and this is rife in the summer term for many teachers who have suffered in silence all year long and have just kept going and giving and giving and giving…..

All this giving can lead to teachers forgetting to look after themselves increasing body tension, anxiety and stress which may transmit to the children in their care. Having a healthy lifestyle – eating regular meals, exercising, seeing friends and family, laughing, meditating and having a massage can improve health and resilience. If you are a teacher and suffering from muscle soreness or backache or you know someone who is, it could be time to look into the benefits of massage therapy.

Benefits of massage:

  • No conversation is required – just drift away and be still and calm
  • Thinking is optional – some people switch off completely and sleep, others organise their to-do lists, or work out their holiday shopping list – whatever you do is fine
  • Posture can improve as tight muscles are released
  • Computer neck/marking shoulder – get on top of those niggling pains before the holidays start
  • Energy will increase
  • Sleep can be improved
  • Swollen feet and ankles reduced

Before the summer holiday commences why not book in for a massage so that you can quickly relax into your holiday and have the fun you deserve. Massages from £25 and Gift Vouchers are available.