Deep Tissue Massage

“I thought that would be painful, but it wasn’t.”

“How was that so gentle, but so effective?”

“I can turn my head now with ease, and it was such a relaxing massage.”

“Isn’t deep tissue supposed to hurt?”

Deep tissue massage is probably one of the most misunderstood therapies of them all. It really is a slow, methodical process designed to ease areas of tension and pain.

Clients often remark on the gentleness of deep tissue massage and are pleasantly surprised that the tension and restricted movement they arrive with has eased by the end of the session. The sedative effect of massage (even deep tissue massage) is wonderful and that really amazes people!)

Clients usually present with a particular problem – muscle tension/spasm – often caused by stress which translates into tight muscles, upper/lower back pain or restricted mobility. Using a variety of techniques, of which most are relaxing, muscles are given an opportunity to unwind which helps with your flexibility and improves your range of movement.

Massage helps muscles recover from fatigue as well as helping with flexibility. Deep tissue starts with a warming up the superficial muscles before gradually and gently manipulating the deeper layers of muscle and soft tissue.

At times, you may experience some fleeting discomfort where there are adhesions or scar tissue which is ok and to be expected.

Intense pain on the other had is counterproductive as your body will tense up in response to an over enthusiastic hand. This defeats the object as it’ll be more difficult to work the deeper underlying muscles safely and accurately and they will tense up all the more.

Don’t worry, I work within your comfort levels at all times and trust me sometimes the most petite ladies can tolerate a really deep pressure whereas the burliest of rugby players will wince at a finger being placed on their arm! Really!!

I hope this has helped to demystify deep tissue massage and I look forward to seeing you in my treatment room soon.

Yvette x