Frequently asked questions

What should I wear for my Reflexology / massage treatment?
Comfortable clothes for reflexology and depending on massage type you may be asked to wear pants only (but a modesty towel will be provided).

Do I remain fully clothed?
For reflexology, yes – just remove shoes, socks and roll trousers up to the knee; a blanket is offered for your modesty.

Will reflexology / massage hurt?
There may be some fleeting discomfort, but in the main it will feel relaxing.

What information will you require from me?
A full medical history will be taken and you’ll be asked to sign a consent form agreeing to the treatment. All information will be kept confidentially.

I’m pregnant, can I have reflexology / massage?
Many congratulations! Yes you can! Reflexology and massage (which will be adapted to your needs) aims to optimise your physical and emotional health. A full history will be taken to ensure that it is safe and appropriate to carry out a treatment.

I have got ticklish feet / smelly feet / ugly feet – can I have reflexology?
Yes, yes and yes! Everyone’s feet are uniques and tell their own beautiful stories. However ugly or smelly you think they are, to me your feet are glorious and I’ll never judge them. Reflexology is firm but gentle and most clients who claim to have ticklish feet, settle quickly and often fall asleep.

Can you diagnose?
No. As a reflexologist / massage therapist I am not able to diagnose, or cure medical conditions. During a reflexology treatment your feet will indicate areas in your body where imbalance may exist and we will discuss this. Holistic therapies should not be used as an alternative to seeking medical advice.

How will I feel afterwards?
After a couple of treatments most people feel an improved sense of wellbeing and deep relaxation. Sometimes people experience a mild headache, tiredness or increased urination but these are normal reactions and should pass in 24-48 hours.

How do I book?
Please call me on 07850 414271 or 01249 821119 or email me at I look forward to meeting you soon.