What is Reflexology?

Im often asked “what is reflexology?” Quite simply, reflexology is one of the most incredible natural, holistic therapies and I absolutely love it and hope that you will, or do, too!

We reflexologists believe that there are points on the feet, hands, face and ears that correspond to our body’s organs and systems. These points are known as reflexes and by stimulating them imbalances in the body are detected and balance and harmony restored which is great for your well-being.

As a reflexologist I treat your whole body (through the feet or face) but I do not focus on any specific organ or system and I am not allowed to diagnose illness or practice medicine. Reflexology is not just for those feeling poorly, but also benefits those who are fit and well, busy or stressed – young and old and everyone inbetween. We all need relaxation and reflexology is a wonderful way of inducing this. It is also great for increasing energy, balancing hormones, reducing tension and bolstering the immune system.

On your first vist I will undertake a detailed (confidential) consultation enabling me to understand you and to see if there are any medical reasons that would prevent me from treating you. You are then invited to lie on either my Lafuma chair or heated couch where you’ll be covered up and your feet wrapped in a towel. Music may be played, but is optional.

I start by refreshing your feet and then move on to some moves to relax you and maximise the effects of the treatment. Your reflex points are then pressed, held, massaged, soothed and stroked. Although your feet are remarkly sensitive with some 14,000 nerve endings, don’t worry about this feeling ticklish – it isn’t. This is due to the gentle to moderate pressure I use which helps release tension in congested reflexes so that your body will soften and relax. You may even fall asleep. As I work, my findings are recorded. At the end of the treatment I will balance your body by quietly holding your feet which is a heavenly feeling. You will be able to relax for a few minutes before I offer you a glass of water and tell you what I have found; this is always an exciting part! I love that at the end of a treatment a client feels relaxed and re-energised, their body ready to heal itself and rebalance. It’s such a feel good therapy and great to leave the world behind for an hour.

Looking forward to seeing your feet soon!

Take care,