Spotlight on Daily DNA Defence – SPF30

– UVA & UVB, Blue Light & Pollution Protection

Is there a day when I do not wear this wonderful product? The short answer is no! I love it, and here’s why.

At the moment, I am working in front of my laptop screen a lot – probably just like you. I’m writing blogs, planning promotions, answering emails, attending Zoom meetings and training, watching videos on YouTube, not to mention going down the Facebook rabbit hole!!

My exposure to the skin damaging effect of UV, blue light and pollution has really increased and I really want to protect my skin from this damage. This little product is like a coat of armour and is a true hero. Actually, it’s a superhero! I love that it can be worn over my regular skincare and can even be used as a make-up primer.

We all think that we only need to wear a sunscreen in summer, but if you want lovely year-round skin, then adding this to your collection would be a wise move.

Daily DNA Defence is super light and transforms into an invisible veil, with no oily or white residue. It has advanced photo ageing technology to tackle the skin damaging effect of UV, blue light and pollution.

The high UVA+UVB protection formulated with Active DNA Defence Enzymes defend and repair, protecting your DNA from the damage caused by UV, pollution and blue light (emitted from smart phones and computers – yaaaay!)

A bonus is that it’s non-comedogenic and fragrance free so perfect for sensitive skin.

Key Ingredients: 
Active DNA Defence and Repair Enzymes
• Defends your DNA during UV, pollution and blue light exposure
• Protects against skin hyper-pigmentation patches induced by UV and pollution
• Repairs your damaged DNA after UV, pollution and blue light exposure
• Powerful anti-oxidant and anti-free radical Camomile Extract
• Calming and soothing, anti-inflammatory Tocopherol Acetate
• Anti-oxidant and anti-free radical

Oh and another thing, it doesn’t smell like traditional sunscreen!

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I look forward to helping you with your skincare.

Yvette x