Wellbeing in Lockdown

2020 was a voyage of discovery and for me a time of great introspection. The storm buffeted, but didn’t derail me. There were some moments, of course, but on reflection, the year was one of growth (and I lost 2 stone in weight, which I was pretty pleased with, as you can imagine!!)

I hope that 2020 was as kind to you, but if it was overwhelming and you really struggled, know that we are social creatures and being caged is challenging for us all. Discovering ways to fulfil ourselves and harness the good things in our lives may seem difficult at the moment, but you can easily choose to feel different and better about yourself.

To get through lockdown, I think it’s good to realise that we can’t control everything. But perhaps the beauty is that we don’t have to. Just choose the things that you can influence and let the other stuff go. That is really freeing and you’ll be able to stop using your energy on pointless tasks and instead invest your time in your own mental, physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

Juggling work, children, partners, animals, gardens, household chores and maintenance is a massive job but you can still make plans and have dreams. Plan adventures, dream of hot, sunny climes and get excited about dancing to Mr Brightside at a festival. There is a wonderful life to look forward to and one which we can enjoy, appreciate and love now. It’s absolutely there for the taking.

Connect with others and take advantage of being able to meet with someone outside of your household for a walk, run or cycle ride; or whatever floats your boat. The fresh air and the company will do so much for your energy and you’ll feel happier, funnier, more confident and alive.

If you need help, accept it. Don’t go it alone – it’s not good to be a martyr and you’ll end up neglecting your health and all areas of your life will suffer. You’ll feel dissatisfied, frustrated, alone and lose your sense of worth. Instead be grateful for the help. You’ll free up time to do the things you love and in turn you’ll have space to help others – and that really does give you an endorphin rush!

Listen to your body and if you want a slow, lazy morning watching Netflix and breakfasting in bed – have one. If you want to decorate 2 bedrooms, knock down a wall, and clean the carpets in the afternoon, go for it. It’s all about balance and choice. Make time for the things you love and your sense of happiness and joy will multiply.

There’s so much BS out there at the moment, so ignore it, feel those happy vibes; put your party music on, dance in the rain or snow, be silly, playful, giddy and joyful, drink water, drink prosecco and remember what William Thackeray said – “a good laugh is sunshine in a house.”

Have a magnificent day.

Yvette x