“Your Best Life” – No. 1 on Amazon!

I’m really excited to say that I’m now a published author of a book entitled “Your Best Life.” Champagne, paparazzi, book-signings, TV interviews and a yacht are all part of the trappings that I’m now going to experience. Even my 11 year-old cousin thinks I’m going to be famous and have a yacht!! Of course, that’s totally my ego speaking and there is a much more sincere and authentic reason for co-authoring this particular book.

I’m a member of a group called Best Life MBA, headed by international coach and motivational speaker – Jean-Pierre de Villiers (if you haven’t heard of him, check him out – he’s awesome and runs weekly coaching sessions, monthly fitness challenges and is just totally inspirational. Jean-Pierre, or JP as he is known, will encourage you to upscale your mind-set, enabling you to live your best life.

As a group, we’ve been talking about the emotional distress that many are affected by at the moment. People we know have been caught up in this unsettling wave of negative emotion so it seemed that a book about overcoming adversity and building resilience to conquer future setbacks was much needed. The release of “Your Best Life” is timely.

We knew that we had a lot of life experience – some great, but some not so great and that our stories could help others to rise above traumatic, sad and testing times. By opening up and showing our vulnerability, we felt that our stories of personal transformation could help others rise above any circumstances or events that happened to them.

We are a group of 22 professionals who all have a story and a unique way of presenting tips and techniques on how to live your best life, what to do when the chips are down and how to change that. The book is divided into chapters that can be easily read over a cup of tea.

The stories are utterly awesome – full of inspiration and so heart-warming. They will definitely help get you motivated in this difficult period and really help you to smash 2021.

It really meant so much to me to participate in this project, with such an amazing group and to write my perspective on one aspect of life, which everyone encounters. Of course, I’m not going to reveal what my chapter is about, you’ll have to purchase the book to make that little discovery!!

“Your Best Life” is available for from anywhere in the world, just click on your country link below.

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“Your Best Life” is already a No. 1 best seller on Amazon!

In the meantime, I really do hope that you find a story in “Your Best Life” which resonates in some way and that it helps you. I’m always here to listen, so please call me if you feel you’d like a chat to quell those anxious thoughts. Of course, if you have any concerns about yourself or a loved one, please speak to a mental health professional who will be able to offer you expert advice and support. Wishing you much peace and calm.

Wishing you much peace and calm.

Yvette x