Indian Head Massage – Don’t forget your hairbrush!

There is something quite magical about having a wonderful scalp massage. It provides lasting health benefits and your physical and emotional wellbeing can be improved in just one session. How lovely is that!

Head massage or ‘Champissage’ is a relaxing therapy based on the Ayurvedic healing philosophy which has been a part of Indian family ritual for thousands of years. By massaging the scalp with a firm and gentle rhythm, blockages are relieved and tension dissipated. The treatment works on a physiological and psychological level so that you feel calm and balanced afterwards and ready to face the world again.

Tension in the back, neck and shoulders can cause migraines, headaches and back pain and we all know how debilitating this can be. Our daily tasks and routines can become difficult when we are suffering as we feel uncomfortable and irritable.

I like to start a head massage on the back, neck, shoulders and arms to release all that held stress before slowly moving on to the scalp itself. By the time I reach the scalp, most clients are feeling quite drowsy and often fall asleep soon after.

Some of the benefits of a head massage include:

Improved skin and promotion of hair growth
Circulation is improved which encourages cell regeneration so skin becomes more supple and healthy looking. Hair growth is stimulated as nutrients and oxygen are brought to the hair follicle encouraging the production of beautiful, luscious locks.

Relieves insomnia
We often can’t sleep because we are stressed, so this treatment will help you to relax and may relieve pain that is keeping you awake. So, if you are uncomfortable in bed, a scalp massage could be beneficial.

Combats anxiety and depression
If your emotional and physical wellbeing are continually disrupted stress, anxiety and depression can ensue. Negative stress can lead to ill health, but a head massage can be a great antidote as increased oxygen to the brain lifts your mood.

Boosts your memory
Just like computers your head can become overloaded with information which makes it hard to remember what you went upstairs for! A head massage slows you down and you become quiet and still allowing your mind to start operating at its optimal level again.

An Indian Head Massage lasts for 45 or 60 minutes. You’ll either sit on a chair, or if you prefer, you may recline on the couch instead. This massage can be performed without oil, so you don’t have to worry about the greasy hair look! Having said that, many clients like coconut oil applied to their hair because it is so nourishing!

Be prepared to fall asleep during your treatment – don’t fight it, just enjoy it. Snorts and snores are welcome!

Afterwards, because of the release of tension, energy will be brought back to your body and you’ll feel revitalised. You are likely to feel calm, relaxed and balanced too. Once you are awake and have had a refreshing glass of water, remember to brush or comb your hair because that may look a little dishevelled afterwards. Don’t worry though – there’s a lovely big mirror waiting for you to restyle your hair.

If you are interested in having an Indian Head Massage, then do give me a call on 07850 414 271.

Yvette x

PS WARNING: Complimentary feel-good hormones come as standard with every treatment.