January – Your New Favourite Month!

You’ve overindulged, you feel bloated, your skin is dry, your hair is lacklustre, it’s cold outside, the heating’s on and you don’t get paid until the end of the month. January can feel like the bleakest and most desolate of months. But hey, instead of feeling sorry for yourself embrace the month and take the time to nurture yourself.

Reflect on your amazing Christmas and remember the smiles on the faces of your loved ones as they spent time with you playing board games, telling stories, sharing jokes and going for lovely walks.

Wasn’t that all wonderful? If conjuring up such happy memories doesn’t quite work for you, then here are 7 things that you can do in January to help beat those blues:

1. Make plans to have fun with family and friends: – Holidays, festivals, long weekends, city breaks, shopping sprees, surfing, walking, jumping, climbing, running, cycling, concerts, eating, drinking, picnics, BBQs, sharing, laughing, just being.

2. Read a book:
– Pick one from a Top 10 list or ask your friends for their recommendations
– Choose from a genre you love
– Choose from a genre you don’t
– Choose from a genre you’ve never tried

3. Exercise
Don’t sit and finish the Quality Street on the sofa, instead – Take a class or pop your favourite music on and dance

4. Watch the Golden Globes and Grammys and admire all those gorgeous gowns.

5. Home pampering
Wind, heat, cold and rain leave us feeling bedraggled and our skin suffers dreadfully. Drink plenty of water to combat the effects of the elements and to prevent drying of skin and have a home-facial.

6. Rearrange your furniture – You’re probably spending a lot of time indoors at the moment, so have a bit of a rejig. Swap some furniture from one room to another or, more drastically, change the use of a room completely.

7. Book in for a reflexology treatment, massage or facial with me. (Mobile: 07850 414271).

Yvette x

PS WARNING: Complimentary feel-good hormones come as standard with every treatment.