Gravity Blankets

Well, I’ve been really raving about Gravity Blankets recently and probably boring everyone silly as I extol their virtue. But of all the products I have EVER purchased, I really do have to say, hand on heart, that this has been one of the best by far. Honestly. Totally. Truly. Amazingly. Surprisingly.

So what are gravity blankets and why am I so impressed with them?

A gravity blanket is designed to stimulate pressure points in the body through its special deep touch technology. This amazing therapeutic pressure helps improve relaxation, sleep and mood. If you are sleeping well, you live well and that’s a glorious position to be in.

When you are snuggled under the blanket – whether on the couch or in bed – your cortisol (stress hormone) levels are reduced and serotonin (happy hormone) and melatonin (sleep hormone) are increased. (As cortisol (stress, stress, stress) is so damaging and probably public health enemy no. 1, this is great news!).

The centre of the blanket is filled with tiny glass microbeads (no nasty plastic here) and the outer is made of a lush organic Spanish cotton and velour which against your body feel a-MAY-zing!

The weight is pleasant and not at all restrictive. Although it prevents you from fidgeting unnecessarily, you are still able to move around, but honestly once I’m under the blanket, I never seem to want to! It’s really Ideal for those who toss and turn, suffer with insomnia or are peri-menopausal and suffering with sudden and oppressive heat gain.

Since we’ve had ours, our sleep has improved dramatically and we are asleep within minutes. Imagine being swaddled and cuddled and you’re halfway to understanding what the pressure feels like. It really is satisfying to climb under the blanket. Your busy thoughts are quietened and within moments your eyes close, breathing slows down and before you know it you’re fast asleep.

I’m now thinking of getting the lightest weight of gravity blanket to use in my treatment room which I think would be a wonderful addition. The only difficulty I foresee is my lovely clients waking up and going home. Hmmmm time to open a retreat methinks!!

Have a lovely sleep and I look forward to seeing you in my treatment room soon!

Yvette x

PS WARNING: Complimentary feel-good hormones come as standard with every treatment.