7 Reasons to have Reflexology, Massage or a Facial this Summer

We all know that when the sun shines we feel uplifted, energised, happy and generally well. However, the combination of longer days and increased vitality may lead us to overdo it and we can end up feeling fatigued, listless and fighting off summer colds and the like. Being proactive about your health is something I’ve always believed in and I think we can all do something for ourselves to help keep us ticking over in a healthy and positive way. Holistic therapies resonate with this ethos and summer is a great time to turn to them to support your wellbeing. So, without further ado, here are 7 ways in which reflexology, massage and facials can help you maximise your enjoyment this summer:

1. Hay fever / sinus issues – can really take over your life – you’re sneezy, wheezy, your eyes are red and sore and you feel bleurgh. Reflexology can help relieve these distressing symptoms. 2

2. Feel fit and on top of the world – with longer days you cram in much more, the kids are home from school – you’re chauffeuring them here there and everywhere which, on top of all the other things you are doing, can make you feel tired and run down. Reflexology and massage can help counteract those feelings.

3. Nurture beautiful feet for your flip flops and sandals – regular reflexology treatments will help your feet look soft and tidy for summer footwear.

4. Chill out time – on those sultry summer nights sleep can be elusive – reflexology and massage ease tension and can help with your sleep.

5. An active summer – gardening, walking, running, cycling and swimming – can all take their toll on our bodies and we end up with sore muscles after all the jobs/activities we have participated in; massage can help ease pain from problems as well as making them less likely to occur.

6. Summer heat and humidity can lead to swelling and discomfort as fluid accumulates. Massage and reflexology can help increase blood flow, reduce swelling and help with mobility. Great on those really hot days.

7. Summer skin care regime – the sun-kissed look can make us feel better but we really need to take extra special care of our skin during the summer months by wearing hats, sunglasses, non-toxic sunscreen, exfoliating, moisturising, drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep. A facial once a month will see that your face is perfectly cleansed, toned and moisturised ready for whatever you are enjoying this summer.

For anyone booking a treatment – massage, reflexology or facial – between June and September 2018, I am offering a luxury spa foot bath and exfoliating foot scrub for just £10 – wonderfully soothing and perfect for those hot, tired feet. VPSummerInspiration when booking.