Survival when it all gets too much!

Sometimes life throws curve balls our way and we can become overwhelmed physically, mentally and emotionally. The past few weeks have been quite challenging and busy in all areas for me and I’ve been struggling to find balance. We all get those weeks/months and if we don’t slow things down, our health suffers.

Of course when crises occur it’s difficult or impossible to take a break and we may not even want to. At those times it’s essential to reach out to our support network – trusted family and friends who will be there for us without question. But when times are just busy, busy, busy and demands from work, kids, partners, friends, chores, etc occur then we need to think about self-care in order to retain a positive mindset.

To get back on track there are a few things I like to do, which you may too: (of course prevention is better than cure, so all the better if you incorporate these things before you feel unable to cope!)

1. Book your favourite treatment
My absolute go-to, feel-good treatment to receive is reflexology! There’s nothing quite like receiving a treatment from someone else. Having someone hold your feet is the most incredible sensation and somehow it forces you to stop thinking! Reflexology releases endorphins and makes me smile. It is so relaxing and restorative and I leave feeling uplifted, full of confidence and ready to face the world. I always fall asleep and trust that my fellow reflexologists are doing amazing work. They all have different styles and techniques but manage to make me feel whole again and I really appreciate that.

Discover your go-to treatment and book an appointment!

2. Take some time out for yourself (over and above your treatment!)
Do something you enjoy – dancing to music in the kitchen, larking around with the kids, tickling the dog’s tummy, colouring, It’s not selfish, but necessary. You cannot serve others from a delpleted cup, so fill it up!

3. Eat well
Eat nutritionally sound meals and make the food prep a fun experience. Encourage your fellow diners to help with the preparation. Remember the story of the Little Red Hen. Don’t let others become cats, pigs or rats!

All best wishes,
Yvette x